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What do you think of Reach so far?

67% 67% [ 8 ]
17% 17% [ 2 ]
17% 17% [ 2 ]

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Putting XGA in your Gamertag

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Putting XGA in your Gamertag

Post by XGA Assassin722 on Sat May 29, 2010 8:51 pm

If you choose to, you can put XGA in your gamertag. This opens up leadership opportunities, promotions and respect for you in XGA.

However, there is only ONE way to do this.

[[ XGA ____________ ]]


XGA YourGamertag777
XGA YourGamertag
XGA Your Gamertag
XGA YourGamertag777
XGA Gamertag


XGAYourgamertag777 - Space between XGA and the gamertag
XGA yourgamertag777 - Lowercase First letter in gamertag
xga yourgamertag777 - All lowercase
XGA G A M E R T A G - Excessive spaces = Retarded
Xga Yourgamertag777 - XGA needs to be ALL CAPS.
XgA YoUrGaMeRtAGxx777 - Your not cool for gamertags like this.
Yourgamertag777 XGA - XGA needs to be in front.
X G A Yourgamertag777 - XGA needs to have NO spaces.
xxXGA YourgamertagXxxx - X's as placeholders are stupid.

XGA Gamertag74379543 - 3 numbers are the limit.

Ready to properly represent your clan? Put XGA in your tag today and move up the XGA promotion ladder.
XGA Assassin722
XGA Assassin722
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